commons |ˈkämənz| pl. noun

1.resources belonging to or affecting the whole of a community.

As a Christian community that strives to live, play and help in the urban neighbourhoods of Calgary, we have chosen the name Commons Church to indicate our commitment to making the Kingdom of God tangible in our space.

We believe God is invested in the renewal of all things therefore we want to live the "Good News" by being part of the rhythms of our city as good neighbours, good friends, and good citizens in the common life of Kensington.

Our Story

Kensington Commons is really the story of two churches. unedited spirituality was founded 10 years ago as the young adult community of Westside King's Church here in Calgary. As the community grew, both in numbers and maturity, we knew the next step was to plant a new church. With Westside's help we began pursuing that vision in early 2014. Kensington Road Church was an established community here in the city. They had history and stability but were looking for new energy and imagination. Through the Evangelical Covenant Church in Canada these two communities were brought together and began dreaming about what we could accomplish for the kingdom together based around three simple values.

We are engaged in the renewal of community and neighbourhood.
We are rooted in the ongoing dialogue of scripture and faith.
We are peaceable in our attempts to join God in his kingdom project.

We have two identical services at 11AM and 7PM every Sunday. Join us.